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Letters from Sri Lanka
by Guest Writer, Scarlett Bailes

Roving Reporter/Scarlett’s Letters
Roving Reporter Lauri Kinkel just returned from a trip to Sri Lanka over New Year’s where she visited friend Scarlett Bailes who formerly worked at Gayna’s Pub on Tybee. Scarlett’s been in Sri Lanka for the past four months seeing the sites and writing letters to share with our readers. The first volume was published after she arrived in Sri Lanka and appears in our December 2009 printed edition. The second volume which was printed in the January 2010 edition, was written during and after Lauri and mutual friend Will Coley visited Scarlett over Christmas break – Lauri says it was the trip of a lifetime.
The third volume will publish in February’s printed edition and also online… so stay tuned.

November 17 at 2:02pm:

After days of navigating through airports, I finally arrived at my destination: Sri Lanka, island of jewels.

Just as before, upon arrival, my senses were overloaded by the beautiful kaleidoscope that is this island. The smells of the street vendors, the colors of the fabrics hanging in the store fronts, the sounds of people chattering in Sinhalese, all against the lull of the ocean crashing into the shore and the gentle swaying of the massive coconut palms. This is my paradise.

Every morning I begin with a perfect cup of Ceylon tea while gazing out at the crystal blue waters of the Indian Ocean. I am spending the bulk of my time in Hikkaduwa, a cozy little beach town I discovered on my last trip here. This little slice of utopia is found on the western coast just a few short hours south of the bustling streets of Colombo, Sri Lanka’s capital.

Here in Hikkaduwa, the lush green landscape of the nearby rainforest seems to spill out onto the shore. Other than this town’s obvious natural beauty, it has plenty more to boast. For any water lover, this could easily be heaven. The snorkeling is phenomenal; even in the small holes where you might be in as little as waist deep water, you will find an amazing variety of fishes and other and other sea creatures, from sea turtles to Moray eels and even Lionfish, it’s amazing. Also here is endless diving, beautiful surf breaks, kayaking and even kite boarding, which I’m lucky enough to have a go at soon, thanks to my wonderful host –Mads.

Besides water sports, this place is a haven for seafood lovers and any foodie. Daily you will see the local fisherman and in the morning and early afternoons you have the opportunity to buy these amazing catches from them and any restaurant will be more than happy to prepare it to your liking. Whether it be a huge Snapper or a jumbo prawn, they will go from ocean to plate in roughly thirty minutes, even better is that you will get your entrée, beverage and a few sides of fresh vegetables for about 500 rupees, that’s about $4.50 US! The rice and curry here is fabulous as well, although I am still slowly acclimating to the spices (and eating with my hands).

Overall I’m just so happy to be here again, spending my days playing in the water, soaking up the sun, feeding the sea turtles, etc … all of which I couldn’t have accomplished without the love and support of my fellow Tybeenians.

I miss ya’ll so much. I will write again once my next adventure ensues.

Mirthfully yours,

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