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So how is everyone’s “New Year” coming along?

It is always good to start off the year by trying to do something different than the previous year.  It’s also hard to change old habits and sometimes January 1st comes and goes and we are still making excuses not to exercise and that next Monday never comes.

I am one of the ones that always has an excuse for procrastination.  One of my goals this year is to stop dilly dallying and just keep myself moving.  It has been a real slow start this season and the cold weather has kept those vacation cottages a little more vacant than last year. For those of us that depend on tourism, January takes a bit of getting used to.  Seems like we go full force in the summer and then fall slows down a bit and once the holidays are over, the tourist are gone.

I do so much better when the pressure is on.  Don’t be surprised if you see me disappear this time next year for the month of January – just to get away for a while and try something different and be warmer – maybe I’ll work on another volunteer vacation somewhere.

By the way, I’ve made the decision not to go to Alaska this year – my wallet’s saying no.  June will be here before you know it and so will my money if I’d chose to go somewhere, so I’ve signed up for a volunteer vacation in Maui this September instead.  That gives me a lot more time to get the airfare saved up.

I will be going to Lao Valley National Forest to work in the rainforest for a week.  I’m so glad I have made the decision to do this with the National Hiking Society – gives me a lot to look forward to and I can travel and meet new people.  Maybe Alaska will happen next year.  Demery Bishop suggested I find 5 people to sponsor me and I kind of gave him a funny look, like okay.  He did offer to be the 6th sponsor if I could find 5 more, so any takers?

Now, back to Boot Camp! We have been at meeting in the Tybee gymnasium, Monday – Friday at 6:30 a.m, and I’ve changed it up to a 40 minute workout through the winter months.  We were inside last year through May, but I’m hoping if the warm weather ever comes and stays with us we can go outside on the beach again in March.  I have to say working out in the gymnasium is not at all any replacement for working out on the beach and having the sun rise.  Plus it’s really hard to work out with the heat on – it just makes it very uncomfortable for us to use that facility.  It’s also less exciting as you never know what you are going to see on the beach at 6:00 a.m.

We have seen an alligator, the Amish woman swimming with dresses on, huge trees swept up on shore after a big rain, beautiful sunrises with shrimp boats passing, and weddings, and of course those dolphin we all love. We do have the season of gnats, mosquitos and horse flies, but it is well worth it.

I seem to push myself more when we work outside.  There is just something about working out on the beach and there really are no words to explain it – if you haven’t tried it yet, please come join us this spring and try it at least once.  Remember, I do this for donations only and that helps with my business license, beach permit along and recertification.

Tari Marcou

I have met so many visitors’ to the island that come and work out with us and some of them become good friends.  This month we have a new visitor, Tari Marcou who is a Buckeye from Ohio State.  She has been visiting tor the past few months and likes it so much that she’s going staying through the month of February.  She is a Tour Guide, lives in Ohio and does tours in Washington, D.C..  In her time off Tari has the opportunity to travel.

Tari’s been attending lots of meetings here on Tybee and various Tybee functions.  You’ve probably seen her around the island with her dog, Molly.   She’s also been helping out with Polk’s Fresh Market on the weekends. Tari and Judy have kept me going this year, and no lollygagging.  They’re both there every morning before me.  Oh, yeah, Tari also rides her bike every morning.  Way to go girl. Welcome, Tari my new friend! I will be sad to see you go!

I’ll end now with a few tips for the month and I hope to have a lot more adventures to share with you this year.. Oooh Rahh.. and thank you for reading my column.

  1. Commit to an exercise routine. This may seem like an obvious tip, but dedication to exercise is the single most important thing you can do to get fit in 2010. Attitude goes a long way when sticking with exercise, so decide to enjoy yourself.  After all, you ARE doing something wonderful for your mind, body and mind.
  2. Scheduled workouts. Put your exercise time on the calendar along with your other important appointments.  You’ll be much less likely to bail on a workout session if you make time for it.
  3. Work out with a friend. Find a friend with similar fitness or weight loss goals and partner up for your workouts. Exercising with a friend will not only help motivate you, but it will keep you interested and be way more fun than working out alone!
  4. Treat yourself to new fitness apparel or gear. A new moisture-wicking gym shirt, running or cycling shorts, running shoes and/or a heart rate monitor will get you in the mood for fitness.
  5. Vary your workouts. Get involved in different sports or activities. Don’t limit yourself to 30 minutes on the treadmill – get outside and run, ride, walk, play, surf, kayak or anything else that sounds like fun. There’s WAY more than one way to work out – and it never has to get boring!
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