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On Love…

Dicky Trotter

À l’amour, the French have a way of making it sound romantic, to love. I often ponder the word love. Kinkel kept asking me what I was going to write about and I have written on four different topics, but tossed them all away. It’s the month of February so I thought I would discuss my understanding of the word love. At this moment in my life love means a few different feelings than before. There is that love that we have for another mate.

You would think at 55, after three wives and umpteen girlfriends that I would be an expert on the subject – far from it. I finally admitted about 5 years ago that I was ignorant about relationships and that I needed to take a sabbatical. It’s not that I am not good at the swooning part, certainly I am a huge romantic, could sweep um off their feet in the day. It’s just for 50 years I only believed it to be about the lust and attraction stage and that was it (typical male). Today I understand now more of the stage that I believe to be the most important in a relationship. Its the stage of mutual respect and admiration two people develop for each other.

Now there is the love we have for a child, family, pets or something we have created. I guess even the love I have for Tybee could fall in this category. This is a love for me that is hard to put into words. It’s a undying feeling. A more of a unconditional love for me. The Native Americans have a saying, Uma ta wona slee…….lol, gotcha. Cant believe you think I know Indian, lol. Seriously, they do say that a child is a gift from Wonka Tonka (their power) to the people. A miracle and I feel the same way about my children, they are a gift.

Then there is the love that we have for another human being. This is the one I am really working on lately and I am finding out that I believe this one may be the key. My father used to tell me growing up that love was the opposite of fear. Back then I did not understand what the hell he was talking about.  Now I am slowly beginning to understand. It wasn’t until recently when I started practicing the action of love for other people did it begin sink in. I see that when I got angry or jealous with someone it was usually over me not getting what I wanted – I was fearful of losing something. Now when I show love (because I do believe love is an action) to people I am not fearful anymore and I have a faith that I am always going to get what I need.

I have found when I can change my attitude every person, place and thing changes. I have a totally different change in attitude and outlook on life today and I am so grateful for that.

There is a list of ten suggested things I read every morning to remind me of what makes me happy and I will share them with you – Give something away; do a kindness; give thanks always; work with vim and vigor; pray to know God’s way; visit the elderly and learn from their experience; look at the face of a baby and marvel; laugh often – its life’s lubricant; plan as though you will live forever – you will, but live as though today is your last day on earth.

My advise is – I guess you’d say, “what’s working for me, today” is – tell the people you care about that you love them, show the people you don’t like some love, and dance naked in the rain every chance you get.

Dicky Trotter……. Love Guru, lol

“If a tree falls in the woods, Dicky will make sure you hear about it.”

By the way – Something organic, tasty and unique is coming to Tybee….. Sugar Peas!

Dicky Trotter is a professional marketing consultant who owns Trotter Promotions.
Contact him at 912-665-4488. Visit him on the web at:, or email
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