Maya’s Amusing Animal Facts, Part II

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FACT – An ostrich egg will explode when it’s 10 ft. from the sun.
FACT – When given the choice, 86.7% of children will prefer to pet a grizzly bear over a domestic kitten.
This is why children are rarely allowed to make all their own choices.
FACT – Despite its famous neck, the giraffe is actually a very boring animal.
FACT – The Scientific name for the Bison is “Bison Bison” which is derived from the Latin term (“Bison”) which translates roughly as “Bison”
FACT – Pandas are unable to play the banjo because they have low self-esteem.
FACT – Cheetahs, when threatened, will become very upset.
FACT – The Norwegian jumping shrew is a made up animal.
FACT – You can’t buy pets using styrofoam packing peanuts as currency.
FACT – Linoleum is made from crushed squid bones.
FACT – There really are bees.
FACT – The average American spends more money on shoes than he does on chinchillas.
FACT – Goats are the only animal unable to yawn.
FACT – It’s impossible to be sad while petting a puppy.

Stay Tuned for More Amusing Animal Facts Next Month…..

Maya Malins is 12 years old, resides on Tybee Island, and attends St. Andrew’s School.
She is an avid reader, enjoys traveling, and is a huge fan of Japanese pop culture.

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