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with Dicky Trotter

Spring – my favorite time of year. (Of course, I say that about the Fall, too – what’s up with that?) I guess it’s true what they say the older you get, the more you are just grateful to see the next day happen. My take on spring is it was invented for a purpose. It’s the time of year for new growth, anticipation for us here in the south that summer is almost here and as a male I always feel like I have a little “getty up” in my step if you know what I mean, lol.

Out here on Tybee you can tell we are experiencing our two weeks of spring because the sand nats have arrived, you begin not to see a soul you know shopping at the IGA, and of course for the male population, Spring Break and the bikinis have arrived.

Recently, another thing has hit me in this time of renewal – gratitude. Gratitude has not come easy for me. It’s something that I have had to practice for some considerable amount of time before I could feel it. A friend suggested that when I felt down, in a bad mood or just generally crappy, to sit down and write a list of things I was grateful for. He said that if I would do that and read over them, my attitude would change. Well, I started doing that and sure enough it worked, and I have been doing it ever since he shared that with me.

Spring as well as Fall are now two seasons that now make me just feel naturally grateful. One thing I know all the business owners feel grateful for is all the money they will be receiving for the next 6 months. When I start getting mad because there are vacationers everywhere like a faucet being turned on all of a sudden, I think it’s because of them I get to live out here on this wonderful Island – the other six months of “Tybee Time” is actually sponsored by them, lol. The fact that it’s all about my attitude, and I get to choose my state of mind each day, blew my mind, but every morning now I’ve been practicing doing things that create a positive, happy attitude and usually my daily attitude has stayed grateful and positive. If it doesn’t, I’ve also learned that you can stop and start the day over, which is also pretty cool.

This Spring day my gratitude list has included things like chocolate and ham for Easter, good friends and family, living on Tybee Island, my two cats Bubba and Tater who seem to love me regardless of what mood Im in, going down to the back river landing and sticking my toes in the water and enjoying our wonderful weather. So I suggest y’all try some of this stuff and see what happens. Here are 10 things that I read every morning and I try to do on a daily basis: Give something away. Do a kindness. Give thanks always. Work with vim and vigor. Visit the elderly and learn from their experience. Look at the face of a baby and marvel. Laugh often – its life’s lubricant. Pray to know God’s way. Plan as though you will live forever. Live as though this is your last day on earth.

Stay grateful,…  Dicky

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