Maya’s Amusing Yet Useless Animal Facts That Are, Without Question, Absolutely True!

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by Maya Malins

FACT – Cats get mad because they are cats.
FACT – It is impossible for a fish to wear a shirt or any other human article of clothing.
FACT – Ferrets are unable to play drums because they have a poor sense of rhythm.
FACT – A dog will become enraged upon hearing the sound of a ham being slapped.
FACT – The Tanuki, commonly known as the “Raccoon Dog”, is either a dog with distinctive raccoon-like features or a raccoon with certain dog-like characteristics. No one’s sure.
FACT – A hippo is a poor choice for a babysitter.
FACT – The Komodo Dragon is not a true dragon, because it cannot breathe fire and is only about 30 percent magical.
FACT – Pterodactyls got their name from the Latin “ptero” meaning(“flying”) and “dactyl” meaning (“giant pterodactyl”).
FACT – A bear cannot see you if you stand directly in front of its babies.
FACT – Albino crocodiles are white not due to a lack of pigment in their skin, but a parasitic algae.
FACT – It is rare that a tiny snake will crawl up your nose while you’re asleep, but it’s not impossible.
FACT – The common brown bear was the first species of bear to ride a unicycle for entertainment purposes.  Its name was Dennis.
FACT – A hummingbird flaps its wings so rapidly that scientists are not even sure it has them.
FACT – The Jersey Devil is not actually a devil.  It’s a fictitious animal.

Stay Tuned for More Amusing Animal Facts Next Month…..

Maya Malins is 12 years old, resides on Tybee Island, and attends St. Andrew’s School on Wilmington Island, GA. She is an avid reader, enjoys traveling, and is a huge fan of Japanese pop culture.

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