Boot Camp Adventures Update – May 2010

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by Vicki Lyn Butrym

I’d like to dedicate this month’s article to my late husband Paul William Butrym (June 7, 1958 – May 14, 2008).

Back in March of 2006 thanks to Tiffany Dennis, Paul’s Boot Camp became a new adventure on this little island.  I remember the very first morning of class I was 70 lbs heavier than I am today.   We had a very good turn out and the group became a team after just a few weeks.  We worked out every morning and each class started with a morning prayer.  We met every morning as we do now from 6am to 7am and for 3 years I had Paul yelling “kick it in, Vicki Lyn”.  I am so thankful that his group got started and changed my life.  I remember laying down the minute I got there and just thought about how I wanted to go back to bed.  It was hard, I will admit that.  I hated every minute of it. I could not run, I could not do a sit up, a push up… nothing and man did I cry at times.

It took time and a lot of dedication to get me where I am today and that is because Paul had a way with him when it came to motivating people.  He would make you feel good about yourself and always encourage you to do just a little more.  Paul had a lot of people he trained and they all loved him.  Paul is dearly missed on this island and he touched a lot of lives.  Paul was all about fitness from the time he got up in the morning, till the time he went to bed at night.  He was always doing something to keep him healthy and fit. And as most of you know this is the reason I keep this class going in his memory and collect donations only.  I am trying to give that motivation and inspiration to someone else and see how a little exercise can change your life as it did mine.

I lost Paul two years ago to a bad disease called alcoholism.  No matter how healthy he was this disease still took him at a young age.  No matter how strong and fit you are the bottle will win if you have that alcoholism gene.  My father died the say way Paul did also at a young age and it is a horrible death.  In the past few years people here on Tybee others have also died from drugs or alcohol and it is sad to see it happen.  For me drinking is not an option in my life anymore.  I have had my days of drinking and a lot of good ones.   But I also have to know my limits and my limit is none today.   Unfortunately Paul could not stay sober for long periods of time and one day it killed him on a very short bender.    God rest his soul and may peace be with him in a happier place.

Life was very hard in the beginning after his death and it took almost a year before I felt normal again.  As time has gone on you realize that you will be fine.  I know in my heart that keeping his morning class going and helping other people has made me a stronger person today.  I was able to continue his legacy and 2 years later I am still continuing this adventure.  I ask for donations only and these donations now go toward volunteer vacations with the National Hiking Society.  It really gives me something to look forward to and gives me a goal.  I am nowhere at the level Paul was in fitness but from the little bit I know from his teachings I have been able to pass on to a few more lives.  Everything happens for a reason they say and I honestly believe our paths crossed for a reason and I will continue on life’s journey.

It has been a long cold winter and it just is not the same without the warmth of the morning sun and the dolphins, but a few of us have continued on through the winter.  It seems to be easier to get out of bed now that it is not so cold, but summer warmth has not touched us in the mornings as I would like.  I crawl into my Jeep every morning and manage to keep going.  We managed to skip a few weeks this past month and felt so sluggish and tired all the time, but once we started back up again it was like a re-charge on my old battery.  I feel so much better now that we are back in the routine.  Believe me you, I try to think of an excuse every morning but when people are counting on you it makes you a little more responsible.  I still have a long way to go in the fitness career, but the little bit I do and the people that I meet makes me want to continue on this fitness journey.  Please call me or email me for more information and everyone is welcome to this class.  I am looking forward to meeting new people that are here on vacation that join us during these summer months.

We have also started a Belly Dancing class on Monday nights at the Tybee Arts Association from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.  It is really fun, and it’s a great core work out.  I am enjoying the benefits of posture and hip motions.  I still don’t get how someone can move ½ their body one way, and the other ½ another, but that is why I am there so I can learn this.

If you want more information on the class please contact

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