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Sec. 2-26?. Community Resource Committee – The City of Tybee is seeking applicants to fill positions on the CRC per the following guidelines:
(a)  Creation. There is created a Tybee Island Community Resource Committee.

(b)  Purpose. The purpose of the Tybee Island Community Resource Committee shall be to promote a more sustainable community through energy efficiency, water conservation, food security and efficient transportation.

(c) Membership. The Community Resource Committee shall consist of not less than ten (10) or more than twenty (20) members appointed by the mayor and council. Such appointees being selected on the basis of their knowledge and interest in creating a sustainable community shall serve three-year terms.

(d) Functions and duties. The Community Resource Committee shall: Ensure that Tybee Island’s sustainability efforts are a source of beauty, pride and abundance – not deprivation; Establish a baseline for energy/water use and develop an ecological footprint analysis as an improvement measurement system; Offer the city guidance and recommendations for implementing sustainable practices in city workplaces; Promote locally generated and distributed energy by renewable sources; Report on project outcomes to the mayor and council; Identify ways of “incentivizing” energy and water efficiency for Tybee citizens; Identify ways of incentivizing energy, water efficiency and green building practices for the future development of Tybee; Identify and promote low carbon and non-motorized transportation methods.  Encourage use of low impact transportation methods by developing safe multi-use paths including unopened city right of ways; Promote eco-tourism; Promote community gardens, fishing, and local food production thereby increasing food security; Promote an awareness of the reduction in our eco-footprint with educational campaigns to motivate citizen action; Lobby state, federal and private entities on behalf of the city’s sustainable energy program.

(e) Administration. The Community Resource Committee shall elect one of its members as chair and one member as vice-chair and may elect as its secretary one of its own members or, with the approval of the mayor and council, may appoint as secretary an employee of the city.

(f) Rules of procedure. The Community Resource Committee may establish rules, bylaws, and regulations not inconsistent with the city charter, ordinances or law, as it deems appropriate and necessary for the fulfillment of its duties or the conduct of its affairs. Copies of such rules, bylaws, and/or regulations shall be filed with the clerk of council.

(g) Meetings. Meetings of the committee shall be scheduled as directed by the chair or the     membership. All meetings shall comply with the Georgia Open Meetings Act (O.C.G.A. Sec. 50-14-1 et seq.)

(For more information or applications contact the Clerk of Council’s Office at

Proposed Ordinance on Golf Carts:

A new city ordinance introduced by Councilman Frank Schuman allowing golf carts to be used for transportation on Tybee will be up for council approval on Thursday, May 13th. The ordinance stipulates that such golf carts must be registered with the city, have head lights, tail lights, brake lights and seat belts, horns, and an amber flashing light on top (carts may eventually also be approved for nighttime use, but not at this time). Cart traffic on Butler Avenue and Hwy. 80 will be prohibited, but designated cross overs will allow cart operators to traverse both. Jones Avenue will be totally accessible. All carts will be permitted through the City of Tybee’s police department and will require proper decals. Operators will need a valid driver’s license and insurance.

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One Response to “City of Tybee Island Notices”
  1. chuck sowell says:

    I think a little forward thinking needs to happen pretty fast. I live in Savannah (Isle of Hope)area. Golf carts are permitted in that area day and night as long as they have all of the safety equipment that you listed as well as turn signals and an orange safety triangle. They are not permitted on streets where the posted speed limit is over 35MPH. Nation wide it is a growing mode of transportation. I own an electric and a single cylinder gas. Both leaving a cleaner footprint than my 8 cylinder truck or my wifes SUV.

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