Future Filmmakers, Heed the Call!

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“Out of the Box”

with Mary Anne Street

Mary Anne Street

Now that Miley has brought Tybee to the movie scene people are abuzz with ideas. John Potter and Eric Thomas were sitting around Huc-a-poos, throwing out ideas about movies they could make, and finally they decided to take action rather than just talk about it. They officially set up the 1st Annual Savannah Beach Film Festival and Awards Show taking place on Saturday, October 2, 2010. They also decided that they wanted the money to go to a good cause, and they chose the Savannah Beach/Oceanside Nursing Home. The proceeds will go toward getting a gazebo built on the Home grounds.

John Potter used to work on movies in California, mostly for Universal Studios, and has some experience about their production and promotion.

“Now that film making is relatively easy with computers and such, I thought it might be feasible for locals to just do their own movies,” Potter said. “In fact, I have a couple of scripts ready and will do two films myself; one an animated cartoon and one a foreign ‘artsy’ film.” Potter said that one person is doing a surfing movie about surfers on Tybee, another is doing one about a bank heist, and yet another is doing one about a lighthouse.

Award-winning actress Kathy Bates is scheduled to come, and Potter is contacting several other stars and TV personalities to see if they will appear. Potter said that many famous people like to see independent films and are interested in attending small film festivals, so he thinks we’ll get some response. So far he’s sent an invitation to David Letterman, among others, and believes it’s just interesting enough to get Letterman to appear or send his sidekick. “Letterman likes these kinds of things, so we’re hopeful,” he said.

Huc-a-poos is the central location for information, tickets and questions about the films.

If you think that you are the next Spielberg, you can prove it by making a short film and entering it. Proceeds will go to the Oceanside/Savannah Beach Nursing Homes, and who knows, a Hollywood producer may see your work and whisk you away to Tinsel Town.

The rules are easy.

  • No Porn! Keep it PG-13.
  • Start Date is April 1st and all films must be in by September 1st. The awards show is Saturday, October 2nd at 8:00 at Huc-A-Poos. (The Tybee Times will soon have more on this.)
  • Film length is not to exceed 20 min.
  • Fill out the application form. There is a $20.00 entry fee for each production (includes 2 free seats).
  • Festival tickets are $5.00. Reserve your seats now!
  • The judges have the right to limit the number of films entered and it’s first come, first served. In the event your film won’t or can’t be screened, a refund will be issued.
  • There will be movie stars and production people attending.
  • Audience members will vote for the best films and who knows, you may win a “Pabstie” award.
  • There will be Pabst Blue Ribbon blue carpet interviews.
  • We are here to make movies, help out some of our neighbors and have a fun time.
  • Application forms, tickets and information available at Huc-A-Poos, 912.786.5900.
  • Festival Seat Tickets can be purchased anytime at the Ticket-Tron Vending Machine in Huc-A-Poos.

Until next month,
Mary Anne

Mary Anne lives on Tybee with husband The Tybee Handyman. Contact her at: MaryAnne@tybeevacationremtals.com

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4 Responses to “Future Filmmakers, Heed the Call!”
  1. Ken says:

    First off,I love Tybee Island. I’ve even thought of one day retiring to live there. The one thing that makes Tybee so appealing,which is it’s quaintness,small-town life,and not yet touched by commercialism,and movies ,and actors coming,and before you know it,you won’t recognize it for the charm it has today. It will be like any other tourist conglomerate,with high-rise condos,over-populated,and who knows what else.PLEASE think about all that before you think about the all-mighty dollar. Don’t mess up a good thing.

  2. John Potter says:

    This is for KEN,who wrote the first comment….. Money is the LAST thing on our minds with this Film Festival.Dont worry about this making Tybee Hilton Head because # 1-It is put on by Tybee people FOR Tybee people. # 2- The big stars live on Tybee # 3- The awards are Pabst Blue Ribbon cans #4-We are helping the nursing home buy a Gazabo,and # 5-I love Tybee and hate condos more than any living person in history! So chill out,BRO !

  3. Jackie Cary says:

    I think this for locals, by locals idea is awesome. I believe it will be a great way to show the creativity that this island has captured in it’s people. Tybee is flooding with creativity, and anytime creativity can help a good cause, it’s wonderful.

  4. Mike Mcfeeh says:

    I took my wife to this film fest,and we LOVED IT ! Huc-A-Poos staff were so nice and John Potter was soooo funny! I cant wait to see his next motion Picture!Great work to all involved.

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