Maya’s Tips For Grown-ups That Suck At Grammar

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By Maya Malins

Everywhere I look, particularly on the internet, I keep seeing the same examples of incorrect grammar written by adults that have gone to school and even finished college. Some of these people apparently have jobs and everything. I can tell because they must own a computer.

YOUR ≠ YOU’RE – These are completely different words with totally different meanings, people! They are not interchangeable. It is not all that difficult. Let’s discuss it. ‘Your’ signifies possession or relation. Example: “Your grammar is terrible.” ‘You’re’ is a contraction of ‘you are’. Example: “You’re a moron that can’t write.” It’s this simple, if you are trying to write a shorter version of ‘you are’ use ‘you’re,’ if not, use ‘your.’ It’s that easy!

Apostrophes – This one annoys me the most. Let’s get this straight once and for all. A quick basic rule of thumb is that apostrophes are mostly used to imply possession, but NOT used to make words plural. Example: “That man’s writing skills are terrible.” CORRECT. “That mans writing skill’s are terrible.” WRONG! WRONG!! WRONG!!! Where did you people learn this? You adults all seem to be putting apostrophes wherever you want. Stop it! It’s annoying. Furthermore, if you are one of those people who has to put your family’s name on your mailbox, avoid the all too common practice of putting The Green’s on there because you may as well just put a sign up in your yard that says, “The Dumbest Family In The Neighborhood Lives Here.” Seriously, I’m only 12 and I’ve figured this out – so can you.

Maya Malins is 12 years old, resides on Tybee Island, and attends St. Andrew’s School.
She is an avid reader, enjoys traveling, and is a huge fan of Japanese pop culture.

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