Boot Camp Adventures Update – June 2010

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by Vicki Lynn Butrym

Vicki Lyn Butrym

Well, summer is officially here.  The island is filled with tourists and lots of traffic. Oh, I hate the traffic.  I can’t believe I used to drive in Boston and now when I drive downtown or when I leave the island I get anxiety.

I love that summer is here, business is good and there are lots of new people to meet.   I am having a good time working with all the women that are working at Waves.  It’s very interesting to meet people from other countries.  We have Victoria from Spain, Ira and Kate from the Ukraine, oh, and of course “V,”a funny man who I love working with.

Also, we have Cansu from Turkey. and lot’s more.  I can’t wait to back pack across Europe and go from couch to couch. In a few years it’s my plan to go and visit all my new friends.  Come to Waves and meet them or the Rock house on 16th Street.  By the way, the Rock House once again has the best Burgers in town.. Yummy….

In case you don’t know, Tybee now has a “belly-dance” instructor.  “Cybelle” has started teaching lessons here on Tybee on Monday nights at the Tybee Arts Association.  Lately her students are having a good time learning to “shimmy.”  Sherri Simmons, Jennifer Palmer, Annette and Amanda Jandura, Cansu and Victoria are paricipating. It is a real good core exercise and very elegant… Come out and join us one night.  I’ve asked Cybell to take over my column this month to introduce herself…


My name is Cybelle.  I am a Belly Dancer and a Belly Dance teacher. I’ve danced for over a decade, and have taught many others my art throughout the years.  Why would I choose Belly dancing, you ask? It is simple, empowerment.

Yes, I have tried physical activities that would help me achieve my goals, such as weight loss, body toning, attaining proper core strength, and health maintenance, but I realized that Delly Dance gave me these things and so much more.  Not only did I achieve all of the above, I also found a renewed sense of self.  This was only the beginning.

I shall never forget the experience of entering my first class; the intoxicating smell of incense, the beautiful tapestries covering the ceilings and walls and other items from foreign lands, carrying me off to another place in time.  As I looked around, I saw women of all shapes and sizes and wondered why they were here. Then the music came on and I knew why…it filled my spirit.

These students were not worried about how they looked or whether they had felt self-conscious coming in; they were enjoying what was given to them at that moment – a safe space in which to turn, move, feel and express themselves.  They were given an hour of peace, shutting out day to day worries to give something back to themselves. Many had come carrying different “baggage”, and were able to leave it at the door, and let go…. and dance.

Much healing goes on in my class now.  Belly Dance is such an ancient dance; it cannot be accurately traced back to its beginnings.  All there is to understand is that the dance itself was originally women dancing for women, for joy, to practice for childbirth, to release anguish and pain, which they could not discuss with anyone.When dancers begin to learn a move, they discover their bodies, the beauty if their stride, angles, and curves.  The muscles being trained are not used in most other forms of exercise, so it is exciting to feel a region of your body you never knew you had.

One learns how beneficial it is, not only for one’s body, but for one’s mind and spirit, as well.  It enables a dancer to enjoy the journey that will ultimately bring them to their end goal.

The physical benefits are so many; it makes it easier to open the hips for childbirth; it aids with weight loss, digestion, aches and pains, and also helps to increase flexibility and bone density.  Belly Dance infuses the student with good feelings, happy thoughts, serenity, and most of all, a greater sense of self.  Our bodies can serve us as no gym can, we use our own body weight and gravity to gently find our place within a position, and that power is undeniable.

I open my class with gentle warm up, breathing exercises and talk of the tradition, history, and reason behind the dance moves I am about to teach. Regardless of any physical issue or ailment one may have, the student and I find ways to overcome it, so they may participate at their own capacity.  My strong knowledge of anatomy and exercise Kinesiology enables the dancer to trust my guidance, and feel physically safe.  We laugh and smile, heads held high, we dance… just to dance.  I end my class with cool down, stretching, and breathing deeply, assisting the heart rate to calm and return to normal…then we close with a form of ancient yogic energy sharing…and, finally…Namaste (Hindi for “thank you”)….

You are never too big or small, klutzy or shy, to Belly Dance…. just dance as if no one is watching.

Shimmy! Cybelle

Cybelle can be reached at:, and her website is

Please feel free to email any questions you may have.  She’s teaching in mid Savannah as well as The Arts Association on Tybee Island, where all are welcome to stop by any Monday at 6pm!  Check prior to attending any class, as schedules may sometimes change.

If you want more information on the class please contact Vicki Lyn Butrym’s Fitness Boot Camp Class is offered to all on Monday – Friday, “In Loving Memory of Paul W. Butrym.”

Contact Vicki Lyn at 912-598-3009,

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