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A Jump To Remember!

By Lauri Kinkel

When we first arrived at Sky Dive Walterboro, I asked myself “why on earth are you doing this, Lauri?”  I then remembered the conversation I had about 3 months earlier with Scarlett.  She sugested we go skydiving for her 30th birthday and I, three vodka bay breezes later said sure, let’s do it!

I pretty much forgot about our plan until the the middle of June when I got a message saying we needed to reserve a time “to jump.”  I thought of every excuse possible about why I couldnt go but then decided if Scarlett, Will, Isak and Britt were brave enough to do it then I needed to too!  Plus I promissed Scarlett I would and she said she would only do it if I did.   I’m so glad I did.  It is a truly amazing experience!

We could only go one person at a time since we had a video taken.  Will went first,  then Scarlett, then me.  Isak and Britt passed on the video and jumped together after waiting a couple hours for a rain storm to pass.

The plane ride up takes about 20 minutes and you  climb 10,000 feet before you take the plunge.  The plane door opens and you scoot out to the edge with your instructor strapped to your back,  count to two and jump!  You travel thru the air at 130 mph and I honestly felt like I was going to die for the first 5 seconds of freefalling.  Then you stabilize and get your bearings and the fear completely goes away.  The sound of the air as you descend is all you hear ‘til the instructor pulls your chute and then it gets completely silent and you fly around at a much slower speed while taking in the scenery.

After the freefall, flying around is completely relaxing.  It’s just you, your chute,  the instructor and the panarama of the earth below.  Feeling your feet touch the ground is the most relief I have felt in a long time.

I’m so glad I did this with my best friends!  It was a bonding experience, one I will never forget…  and probably won’t do again  – LOL

Roving Reporter & Photographer
Lauri Kinkel
Lauri Kinkel is a freelance photographer and advertising sales representative who lives on Tybee year-round.

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