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Introducing Cybelle’s “Belly Dance” Corner

By Deedee Coover

The Belly Dance world is a small, but growing community in Savannah.  Over the years, it has taken on a new appeal, showing up in fitness classes, fitness videos and even on exercise television channels.  This is very exciting but,  at the same time, worrisome to me.

I, Cybelle, am a seasoned Belly dancer and educator of this art. one of the oldest and meaningful displays of beauty and everyday life. And in the 13 years of studying, researching and learning all its benefits, I find that many people take on videos and teaching from sources that don’t always help the student to learn the correct posture, or how to execute a move, so that they don’t get hurt.

Many students with pre-existing conditions, i.e spinal, knee, hip, injuries or surgeries, require hands-on guidance in order to understand how their particular scenario changes the way they will make that shimmy and shake work!

Belly Dance is organic and can be an effective form of exercise and stress relief, not to mention a great self-esteem booster…if done correctly.

Women and men of all ages and shapes can benefit from this workout that concentrates on the minor musculature, or inner smaller muscles.  When you work these little guys, they pull in the larger muscles, thus revealing a great body shape and a strong core.

So, think about it before you begin, ask your doctor if you are a candidate for Belly Dance, be honest with your teacher and tell them ALL of your physical issues, and find out who your teacher is, where they learned and how long have they been practicing.  All of this will assure that your experience of shaking, shimmying and dancing, is a rewarding experience.

I will be back with more interesting facts, information, and health-related articles in the near future. In the meantime, I would love to entertain any questions you may have regarding this topic and similar health-related topics.  I may be reached on  You are also welcome to visit my website, Cybelle’s Belly Dance to read more about me, classes and upcoming performances.

Classes will also return this fall, so get ready to belly dance your way to a better body, mind and spirit!!!!


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