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It’s not the heat, it’s the stupidity…
by  Junie Merkle

“You can stand here with me if you want, but you’ll have to agree not to talk about the heat.”

Do you remember who said that to whom in what movie? I’m going to talk about the heat while you collect your thoughts.  Because my brain seems stuck on hot, hot and humid, humid, humid, everything else seems secondary.

Just driving the dog to the dog park and sitting on a bench in the shade, while the dog and his friends lounge in the shade, wears me out.  It would help my mood if I didn’t get the head sweats the moment I step outside.  In addition to being cranky and lethargic, I have hair that is alternately flat and frizzy or both.  Fright Night!

People with good hair have an unfair genetic advantage.  In addition, these lucky souls usually are the ones whose clothes look crisp while the rest of us wilt and wrinkle.  (Spoiler:  Here comes the answer to the opening question.)  When William Hurt said the above words to Kathleen Turner in “Body Heat” (1981), she was wearing a spotless white dress and her hair was perfect AND she was standing on a pier during a searing heat wave in Florida.

Poor William Hurt, such a likable guy, is struck stupid by the heat wave (and this was before central air conditioning was common) and by her allure.  I always sympathize with him, with his bad hair and worse luck.  For a while he had fun, though, like spending some time in a bath tub with ice cubes and Kathleen.

Now through August is the perfect time to watch or re-watch this movie. It will make you appreciate your air conditioner even more.  People of a certain age remember when fans and standing in front of the refrigerator were the only relief. I believe it was in the 70’s when my parents finally put a window unit in their bedroom.  As the oldest, I often baby-sat.  As soon as they left, we would “prepare the igloo” as baby sister described it and hang out in there.
Of course, that was before televisions in the bedroom were common, so it was kind of boring.
But I digress.  Back to the movie.  I’ve watched “Body Heat” many times.  Every time I harbor this slight hope that William Hurt will figure everything out before it’s too late.  But he never does.  It’s too hot for him to think clearly.

There’s not much hope for the rest of us either when it’s 102 in July.  It’s going to be a long, hot, stupid summer.

Until next month,

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