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Maya’s Summer Reading Frustrations
by Maya Malins

So my dad called me from the bookstore one day and said, “what book do you want?” I said, “easy, no vampires.” It was a given that my dad wasn’t going to get me a book about love and dating, so I thought I would be safe with just saying, “no vampires”. So my dad came home empty handed and I asked him why. He said, “Sorry, pretty much every book in the teen section of the store is about vampires.” So I looked for myself, turns out, the guy’s right.

So has anyone else noticed that just about every book you see in bookstores lately is either about vampires, mushy gushy love stuff, or mushy gushy love stuff with vampires?? Mostly it’s the latter. You might as well call your bookstore “Vampires & Love Stories, Etc.”

What is there to learn about vampires that we don’t already know anyways? There was a time where vampires were scary, now they look like male models or guys in boy bands. Seriously authors, not every kid in the world is into vampires or love stories. Me? I have nothing against them (I have read the first 3 Twilight books.), but I do think that authors should write about something else every once in while. Honestly, you could write about anything. Anything. Like carpets. Why not, you know? You could write about carpet, a guy that makes carpet for a living, a magical carpet that can shoot lasers, etc. If you want your book to be noticed, don’t write about something that every other book is about, just a bit of advice. Yeah, and I know that’s what the kids are into these days, and as I’ve said before, not every kid.

So what about these kids that aren’t interested in vampires or love stories? Aren’t adults supposed to encourage children to read? Well, if these kids cant find a book he/she likes, how’s that going to work out, huh, not very well? I know there are probably plenty of books out there that aren’t about vampires or love, however you don’t see those books featured with special shelves at bookstores, do you? So here’s some advice to bookstores too, put some books out on special featured shelves that aren’t about vampires or love please. And there needs to be more books about ninjas too, ninjas with magic carpets that can shoot lasers. Perfect.

Authors? There’s a good idea up for grabs right there – ninjas with magic carpets. I would read it. No seriously, I probably would.

Wait, did I forget to mention that there’s too many books are about vampires, love, or both?

Maya Malins is 12 years old, resides on Tybee Island, and attends St. Andrew’s School.
She is an avid reader, enjoys traveling, and is a huge fan of Japanese pop culture.

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