Vicki Lyn’s Bootcamp Adventures – July 2010

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Bootcamp Update – July 2010

By Vicki Lyn Butrym

I hope everyone is having a fabulous summer.   It seems as though winter went so slow with the cold and now that summer is here it is going by too fast!   I told myself today that I need to enjoy this summer weather before it turns back into winter before I know it.  I know with my choice of career right now that my busy season is now.  That is the one downside to living on a tourist island; we have to work during the hot summer months while everyone is coming here to vacation.  I have to keep telling myself this is seasonal.  If I want to eat this winter I must not turn down any opportunities for the summer income.

I am glad that Tybee is having a great year, but to know we are getting more tourists because of what is happening in the Gulf is sad.  I can’t even imagine if that happened to us.  I just hope that some of these companies here on the island will take some of that profit and donate it to help clean up the beaches in the Gulf.  Karma always comes back at you.  I wish I could volunteer to go help, but I have too much responsibility right now to leave.  In a few more months I might be able to squeeze some volunteer time in.

In September I will be leaving for Maui on my volunteer vacation!! We will be clearing the trails at the Hawaii Nature Center located in Iao Valley on the island of Maui and contains over 35 acres of lush tropical rainforest. From what I understand we will be hiking a mile in everyday to get to the work location.  The Center hosts environmental education classes, guided interpretive hikes, nature adventures, earth care projects, and more. Their weekend and community programs have reached more than 25,000 island families a year on O’ahu and Maui. Iao Valley in central Maui, 900 feet above sea level. Trails wind through the rainforest, following the Iao Stream, ending at a lookout point where you can view the famous monument Iao Needle. The historical town of Wailuku is only two miles from Iao Valley.  I am so excited and I am sure you will hear all about it when I return.

I have to admit I have not been so good with Boot Camp this summer.  I am not advertising the way I should and we just took 3 weeks off due to people’s vacations and my little trip up North.  Once again we had to start all over again and man can I feel the difference in my energy level.   So if you are thinking of coming to Boot Camp and think you need to be in shape before you come, you are wrong.  Every Monday morning I feel like I am starting all over again.  It seems like we get into a good routine and feel strong and healthy and then things pop up for one reason or another you have to stop that routine.  After 4 years waking to my 5:30 alarm I guess it just comes natural that no matter how much time I have taken off, I still get up and keep on trucking.  So set our alarm and meet us out there and try it with us.  The skyline is so pretty this time of year and the sunrises are gorgeous.  I need you guys to motivate me!!!!

I wish I had some advice for some of my old boot campers on getting back into the routine.  I keep getting phone calls saying , “Vicki Lyn, I miss you guys and I want to come back, so I will see you Monday”, but then they never come.   I have one person who was coming faithfully all the time and she was feeling great, then winter came and she didn’t.  I have heard her say since January, every month she is going to start back up, but I have only seen her once this summer.  I know she feels unhealthy and sluggish and I know that she was doing so good when she was coming.  I understand how hard it is to start back up again but you have to start somewhere.   I get phone calls all the time and people seem so excited about it, but then bamm, they shut the alarm off and roll over and go back to bed!!!!  So my advice to you is put the alarm on the other side of your bedroom so you actually have to get out of bed to shut the alarm off.  You might just find yourself saying, well I am up so I will stay up.

Belly Dance Classes have stopped for the summer, but will return this fall.  I think with everyone’s busy summer schedule that it was not working out.  I will keep you posted on the new schedule for this fall.  You don’t have to be fit and trim to take belly dance classes, so please get that out of you head and come try it when classes start back up again.

Everyone please be safe this summer and don’t be in such a hurry that life flies right by you.  I am sitting here today saying where did April, May and June go?  Here we are in the middle of July all ready.

So enjoy and try to slow down a bit to enjoy the time you have today.

Vicki Lynn

Vicki Lyn Butrym’s Fitness Boot Camp Class is offered to all on Monday – Friday, “In Loving Memory of Paul. W. Butrym.”

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