“Light on the Past” – Fall 2010


By Sarah Pearson Jones


This month, I’d like to take the time to thank our volunteers at the Tybee Island Historical Society.  If it were not for them I would not have the time to write this page every month because I and the rest of the staff would be:  Manning the Head Keepers Cottage; Chasing down people who didn’t pay for their tickets; Manning the Lighthouse; Checking for chewing gum; Manning the Museum; Keeping visitors in line; Working with the groups; Directing the visitors on what they can see on the site and the island; Archiving; Making curtains; Keeping the site sparkling clean; Data entry; Working special events; Directing traffic; and telling people that we do not have an elevator.

Of course, this is not all they do,  but it does represent how vital all of our volunteers are to the daily operation of the Tybee Island Historical Society.  Our loyal volunteers are also the very best ambassadors for Tybee Island.

I’d now like to recognize all of our volunteers on whom we depend as follows:

Jim Adams, Joe Amlung, Jim Anderson, Dr. Walker Beeson, Cliff Bentsen, Brenda Bragg, Carson Branan, Wendy Brewer, Sally Cameron, Jimmy Carter, Kimberly Carver, Marci Cole, Bob Ciucevich, Mae DeLoach and her late husband Richard, Vivian Dubuc, Mimi Ferrelle, Bernie Goode, Beverly Goode, Jane Graham, Francis Grayson, Don Harris, Janis Hayden, Launey Hiers, Jerry Hughes, Henry Jackson, Paul Jackson, Carolyn Jurick, Frank Kelly, Karen Kelly, Dottie Kluttz, Jim Kluttz, Wayne Laney, Patrice Lewis, Diane Lightsey, Jerome Lightsey, Karl Looper, Kathy Looper, Betty Miller, Ross Minard, Jim Monaghan and his late wife Anne, Cheryl Mc Greevy, Mike McGreevy, Gary Parker, Jim Peper, Kala Peper, Gus Rhenstrom, Freda Rutherford, Bob Schwartz, Carol Schwartz, Denise Sneed, Eleanor Sofa, Kevin Sofa, Neca Stoller, Evelyn Stout, Nancy Systo and her late husband Ron, Joan Waite, Betty Wall, Lamar Webb, Irene Williams, Joan Williams.

Thank you all from the staff of the Tybee Island Historical Society. This was a very busy summer and we would not have made it through without you.

If you have a subject you’d like me to write about be sure to email me at tybeelighthouse@yahoo.com.

Until next month,


Sarah Jones is the Assistant Director of theTybee Island Light Station on Tybee Island. She and her husband Casey live here year-round.